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Cash Flow, stability, appreciation & tax savings.

Founding Partner

Anna Kelley

Anna Kelley is the founding partner of Zenith Capital Group. As a top ranked former Financial Relationship Manager for a Private Bank, Anna worked with personal and business clients to provide an understanding of various financial tools available to enhance their financial positions, grow and preserve wealth. She has worked with investments geared toward high net worth individuals, and understands the risks and rewards associated with various financial products and investment options.

Believing real estate to be one of the most powerful tools for creating stable cash flow, asset preservation, & equity growth (the trifecta of investments), Anna began investing in real estate 20 years ago.    

She has purchased, renovated, sold, and rented millions of dollars in real estate across numerous asset classes. From self storage, to single family homes, to luxury beach rentals, to commercial property and apartment investments, Anna has developed a keen sense for the risks and rewards associated with various real estate investments.

Through her own holdings and as a General Partner, Anna has ownership in and asset manages a portfolio of rental real estate valued at over $60 Million.  She has also invested in over 1500 multifamily units as a Limited Partner.  Anna started Zenith Capital Group with the purpose of helping others to realize the benefits of multifamily investing.

Anna is a Sponsor and Operator of large multi-million dollar multifamily real estate projects, and through Zenith Capital Group, actively seeks out the best opportunities for our partners and investors.

She is also a frequent guest on Real Estate Investing podcasts, and speaks at REI groups around the country on Buy & Hold Investing, Multifamily Investing, Vacation Rentals, Creative Financing, Flipping, the Unique Challenges of Being a Woman in Real Estate, & making wise, conservative real estate investment decisions that will last through any market cycle.

Anna has coached numerous new investors through the purchase of their first rental properties and flip projects, and enjoys helping others to overcome their fears, increase their knowledge, and minimize their risks in real estate. Finally, she is an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author & a cosponsor of a meetup group for Women in Real Estate: 

Rei Like A Girl! 

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Apartment Investing is a Team Sport

People often tell us that they would love to buy large apartment buildings but do not have the capital to take down such a large asset on their own. This is not uncommon. Most people do not realize that the majority of large apartments on the market today are bought through REITS or through syndications.

Syndications are simply a joint venture, whereby investors pool their money together to purchase real estate. Investing with a Syndicator or General Partner who has the expertise to run a commercial real estate project, allows investors to invest passively, leaving the hard work to the managers while potentially earning a strong return.

Zenith Capital Group is a General Sponsor, acquiring multifamily apartments with our partners and investors. If you are interested in partnering with us, please send us an email with your interest. We will then contact you to determine whether you meet the qualifications needed to invest in a syndication, before discussing any specific opportunities we may have available.